The Tradition Golf Club at Stonehouse (Williamsburg, VA)                                                           2011                                    19th Hole Staff Ranking:  Three Golf Balls (Birdie)

Located near Williamsburg, VA, The Tradition Golf Club at Stonehouse will more than likely require a stop at their 19th hole.  Why?  Well, with a regular "pace of play" time of nearly five (5) hours (four hours and fifty minutes to be exact), you will certainly find time to work up quite the appetite.

Thankfully, the 19th hole at Stonehouse will suffice your hunger with a plentiful assortment of appetizers, burgers, and sandwiches.  Our staff personally found their versions of the classic "club" sandwich, with options ranging from a Cheeseburger Club or a Chicken Club with jamaican-jerked grilled chicken breast instead of traditional deli meat, to be amongst our favorites. To expedite the turn from front to back nines, the full menu is on display near the tee for the par-3 eighth.  Just be sure to have your cell phone nearby though as you must use it to call in your order (no direct phone box).

To cap off your round, be sure to stop by the Stonehouse 19th hole to grab a beer or glass of wine and head out to the back deck.  Here you will be greeted with views (see top right photo) of the challenging 18th green that is within shouting distance to cheer on your friends as they finish their own rounds.


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