PGA West (Palm Springs, CA)                                 2010                                                                      19th Hole Staff Ranking - "A Signature 19th Hole"

Nestled in between the peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains and the vast plains of the Mojave Desert, you will find the home of PGA West (photo right is from the #2 teebox on the Nicklaus Tournament Course).  This large golf resort community, which is also connected to the plush La Quinta Resort & Club with its own golf courses (Mountain and Dunes), you will find the PGA West Stadium, Nicklaus Tournament, and Norman courses (five unique options in total for the public plus three more private course options should you have a local member connection, buy a home in the community, or be able to beg the staff at PGA West).  

Given all of these golfing options, you would hope the 19th hole of PGA West would be at par or better.  Well, you would be correct as we believe this 19th hole is a "hole in one".  

Ernie's Bar & Grill, situated in the clubhouse of PGA West, with an entryway that needs to be seen at least once in a lifetime (also see photo right), is a tempting option for golfers as well as those simply visiting Palm Springs, CA.  The fare at Ernie's, compared with other popular 19th holes across the country, is very diverse and even offers a separate dinner menu.  For lunch, you will find Ernie's classic Cubano, a sandwich with pulled pork and ham filling a roll with a spicy mustard sauce, to be just the thing you need to amp up your drive on the 10th tee as you make the turn.  While for dinner, be sure to possibly dawn your sport coat as the evening dessert temperatures begin to dip and enjoy their Prime Steak Frites (with truffle fries) or Ernie's upscale version of fish & chips (a Roasted Sablefish with malted vinaigrette, rosemary potatoes, and local vegetables).

The best part of Ernie's according to our staff...well, if you take a walk or table outside on their terrace (be sure to get reservations), you will be greeted with amazing views of the mountains you almost feel like you can reach out and touch, as well as the PGA West Stadium and Nicklaus Tournament Courses.

Important Notes: With one's proximity to the La Quinta Resort and Club after a round of golf at PGA West, simply ask the staff to call and you will be accommodated with a brief golf cart shuttle ride over to La Quinta where you can choose from three upscale resort dining restaurants.

Furthermore, be sure to check out the La Quinta's resort website prior to planning any trip to play PGA West as you will often find some amazing stay-and-play options.


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