Merion Golf Club (Ardmore, PA)                            2012                                                                                            19th Hole Staff Ranking: Five Golf Balls (a Signature 19th Hole)

A mecca for "wanting-golfers", Merion Golf Club is one of the most historical golf clubs in America.  From Ben Hogan's infamous one iron on the 18th (see photo top left) or the current count of 17 USGA events that have been held on this course (18 as of the 2013 US Open), you will know that you are getting ready for a wonderful experience as soon as you see the "Please" signs directing you to the baggage drop.  Thankfully for our staff visit, we even had the privilege to play the East Course after bring renovated for the '13 US Open but with low rough conditions...double thanks to the superintendent because the greens alone are diabolical.

For the 19th staff, we have propelled Merion to Signature status due to two items: the patio on the 1st tee and the wood paneled Grill Room.  The patio on the 1st tee is significant as you will literally find yourself enjoying your after round cocktail within arm's length to those just teeing off (see Green Patio awning which is also adjacent to the 18th green in the below left photo). Due to its proximity, it creates an intimate experience for both the golfer and the viewer.  As for the wood paneled Grill Room with all of its golfing lore, located steps away from the Trophy Room, "Please" take the time to review the amazing menu for either lunch or dinner (coat needed for dinner).  Our staff would recommend the grilled salmon club for lunch and the grilled swordfish steak for dinner...most importantly, one must order a draft beer.  Why? It comes served in a signature porcelain mug that is chilled prior to serving to one degree below freezing.

For those who have the opportunity to enjoy a similar Merion experience, you will never leave disappointed, but "Please" cover under cover (remove your hat indoors or while on the patio)


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