Welcome to 19th Holes.com....where you learn what to expect to enjoy after you play a round of golf.  Enjoy!

This site is dedicated to reviewing 19th holes around the country (from local tracks to top-rated golf courses). Whether the reviews are conducted via "course visits" by our professional staff or with feedback contributions from you on this website or our blog, we aim to be the source of information pertaining to 19th holes.

About Us

Starting in 2010, with a small staff of committed golfers, we have found out what ultimately completes a great round of golf - the 19th hole. Whether you are looking for a good hot dog and cold beer or seeking the enjoyment of a fine wine and steak, it is our intent to provide you with reviews of local 19th holes as well as those found at top rated golf courses.

Our Ranking System

Our ranking system is simple...instead of stars, we use golf balls.  The corning stone achievement for any course is to earn the rating of "A Signature 19th Hole" or five golf balls.  The details regarding our ranking system are listed below:

Five Golf Balls = A Signature 19th Hole     

Four Golf Balls =  An Eagle                     

Three Golf Balls =  A Birdie                              

Two Golf Balls =  Stuck in a Sand Bunker             

One Golf Ball = Couldn't Even Get Off the 1st Tee