Currituck Golf Club (Corolla, NC)                              2011                                                                                                19th Hole Staff Rankings:  Three Golf Balls (Birdie)

With no exceptions, the Currituck Golf Club continues to be the premier golf facility on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  With minimal land to utilize on these barrier islands that separate Albemarle Sound from the Atlantic Ocean, Rees Jones designed a beautiful course that blends the surrounding dunes with the sea marsh and sound front waters.

To compliment the course, Currituck Golf Club offers members and guests a tremendous assortment of soups, salads, sandwiches, and other entrees at their on-site restaurant.  Bunkers Grille and Bar, the 19th hole for Currituck, is located in the back of the clubhouse with an amazing vista of the course's practice facilities plus the 9th green.  As an extra bonus, due to the proximity of the clubhouse sitting high on large sand dune, enjoy breakfast at Bunkers where you can take in a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean or stick around long enough to enjoy an Outer Banks sunset over the sound.  Either way and with what ever menu option you chose, our staff doesn't think you'll walk away disappointed.

Important Notes:  The 19th hole at Currituck Golf Club works hard to maintain a family-friendly environment.  Bunkers Grille and Bar has a decent kids menu so be sure to bring them along when visiting so they can learn golf terminology and knowledge with the club's "Golf Quiz".


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