Blackwolf Run Golf Club (Kohler, WI)              2011                                                                                             19th Holes Staff Ranking:  Four Golf Balls (an Eagle)

For the second leg of our annual staff outing, we found ourselves on the doorsteps of Blackwolf Run Golf Club (part of the American Club owned and operated by Herb Kohler).  While we didn't get a chance to speak to the man who brought this resort together, our staff did learn a lesson (or two) from the Pete Dye designs found at Blackwolf Run - The Meadows Valley and River golf courses.  While the River Course is certainly the better of the two courses and thankfully it is also somewhat protected from the winds that like to whip through the farmland-like plains of Wisconsin, you will find playing both back-to-back is an excellent option because it allows you to enjoy the 19th hole at Blackwolf Run twice (over lunch and dinner).  

The 19th hole at Blackwolf Run and its adjoining restaurant offer panoramic views of the surrounding golf courses and woodlands.  Both locales also offer a vantage point to see fellow golfers finishing the 18th greens for the Meadows Valley and The River golf courses (as they are nearly joined into one large green beneath the clubhouse).  For the break between rounds, hit the rustic looking bar that has several beers on tap (including a Scottish Ale personally crafted by Mr. Kohler).  As for what to eat...when you are in Wisconsin, you can't miss the opportunity to eat a brat.  Try the Grilled Sheboygan Double Bratwurst if you had a light breakfast.  You can't go wrong with this delicious sandwich that is then topped with caramelized onion and bacon sauerkraut.  

After your final round, cruise back into the Blackwolf Run restaurant for an upscale dining menu that includes the likes of New York Strip Steak or Port Wine and Sherry Braised Short Ribs.  Do remember to ask for the wine menu as this restaurant received Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence for 2011.

Important Notes:  Blackwolf Run's restaurant often requires reservations in high season, so be sure to plan ahead.  The restaurant also serves up a Friday special, such as beer battered cod and serves breakfast every morning.

As a side note, if you are a fun foursome and taking out a forecaddie, be sure to ask for Shannon (aka Frauline Schaenzer).  She forecaddies at Blackwolf Run in the summer and then heads to Doral to do the same in the winter months.  Thanks Shannon for a great day!!


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