Bandon Dunes Golf Resort  (Bandon, OR)                          2012                                                                                                   19th Holes Staff Ranking: Four Golf Balls (Eagle)

The quintessential golf resort has three necessary items: good food, decent accommodations, and great golf.  Thankfully, you can find all three at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, OR.  While it may present a "trek-like" experience to get there...once you arrive, you will find yourself already planning your return before departing.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is the brain child of developer Mike Keiser (Note: he is in the works to create a similar golf resort experience in Nova Scotia called Cabot Links).  Bandon Dunes finds each of its full 18 hole courses listed amongst the top 25 public golf course offerings according to nearly every golf publication (Bandon Dunes by David McLay Kidd, Pacific Dunes by Tom Doak, Bandon Trails by Coore/Crenshaw, and Old Macdonald by C.B. Macdonald).  For those looking for some extra fun, the resort now offers a 13 hole par-three track named Bandon Preserve.  (Note: a full 18th hole 5th municipal course is also in the works)

Along with these great golf experiences, one will also find a bounty of food and lodging options.  The Lodge has three offerings from the fine cuisine "Gallery Restaurant"  to the "Tufted Puffin Lounge" (19th hole patio view pictured in the top left photo with the Bandon Dunes 18th green in the background) and finally the "Bunker Bar".  The latter only offers a light menu but allows for golfers to take in some great scotch, a good cigar, while enjoying a round of billards.  On the resort property, with plenty of resort mini-buses to shuttle you around, you will also find McKee's Pub and the Pacfic Grill.  A private dining room is also an option for catered events and groups of 12 to 75.  Amongt our staff, we found Trails End (located in the Bandon Trails Clubhouse) to be our favorite as it offers 19th hole views of the Trails 18th green with the Pacfic Ocean in the background.  Furthermore, Trails End offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner making it a must visit for at least one meal.  If visiting for lunch, be sure to try the Hamburger Trio (sliders with kobe beef and aged cheddar cheese) or the South Coast fish tacos.


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