Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club (Arcadia, MI)                    2010 

19th Hole Staff Ranking - "A Signature 19th Hole"

Traveling from Traverse City, MI (the nearest major airport), our staff was excited to have landed the opportunity to play this top rated golf course.  Upon arrival at the course, we were delighted to find what must be some of the most spectacular views within the interior 48 states.

Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club is located directly on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan.  While the course may prove to be rather windy at times...hence the smaller yet thicker flag poles because regular pins would literally snap on certain will find your time at this golf course to be beyond spectacular.  Thankfully, the same can be said of Arcadia's 19th Hole.

The 19th hole at this club, named "The Dining Room", includes several seating options for foursomes and larger group outings.  Saddle up to the beautiful cherry wood bar built to accommodate 10 people, you'll find a great selection of Michigan micro-brews and some of your national favorites.  Regardless of your choice, do ask for one of their large frosty mugs.

While "The Dining Room" offers a wide variety of menu options, including our lunch favorite (the Cherry Chicken Salad Croissant sandwich with roasted chicken, dried Michigan cherries, and pecans), you'll find the "Sunroom" or outdoor patio and Adirondack chairs even more enjoyable.  Why?  The up close vantage point of the 18th hole where you can jeer or cheer for folks finishing their round and the panoramic views of Lake Michigan.

Important Note:  To fully compliment your golf and 19th hole experience at Arcadia Bluffs, be sure to stick around until sunset.  Not only do you get to take in the wonderful views, but the course provides a "bagpiper" to close the day the traditional Scottish way with tunes being played to the four winds.


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